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(Deutsch Pop-Band)

Juli is a German rock/pop band from Gießen, Hesse, consisting of singer Eva Briegel, guitarists Jonas Pfetzing and Simon Triebel, bassist Andreas "Dedi" Herde and drummer Marcel Römer. The band was formed with this lineup from the band Sunnyglade in 2001.
After the signing of their first recording contract with EMI in early 2001, Sunnyglade started working on recordings with producer Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen. Soon the quintet decided to turn to songs with German lyrics. At this time they also abandoned the name Sunnyglade and all their songs, and renamed themselves Juli, which they chose from the song with the same name by another band from Berlin called Tex.
In June 2004, Juli
release their debut single "Perfekte Welle", which turned into a kind of anthem for the new rise in popularity of German song lyrics, and also gave its name to a collection of compilations of music with German lyrics (Perfekte Welle - Musik von hier).The band's critically acclaimed debut album Es ist Juli was released in September 2004 and peaked at #2 in Germany, #4 in Austria and #7 in Switzerland, selling more than 700,000 copies within a few months. By July 2006, it had sold over 1 million copies, and thus reached the status of a quadruple platinum record. In July of the same year, Juli participated in the Berlin Live 8 concert.After participating in a radio-tour organized by Eins Live through Nordrhein-Westfalen in September 2004, Juli started their own club tour through Germany, which was completely sold out.
After that followed a tour opening for Rosenstolz through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.On September 22, 2006, the first single of the album "Dieses Leben" was released, and it hit the top 5 single charts right away. On October 13, Ein neuer Tag finally hit the album charts. It sold 75,000 copies within the first week and reached position 18 in the World United Album Charts, and with more than 200,000 pre-orders, it had already reached platinum status by the release date.

On November 30, 2006, Juli won the German Bambi-award in the category music national, and on December 7, 2006, they were awarded the Eins-Live-Krone, Germany's most important radio listener award.

After the release of "Wir Beide", the second single from the album, Juli started touring to support Ein neuer Tag. Some of the concerts sold out weeks in advance or had to be moved into larger venues. After playing in festivals in summer, they will start the second leg of their tour in autumn.

Originally they had planned "Am Besten sein" to be their next single, which was to be released in January 2007. However, the third single finally was "Zerrissen".

On 7 July, 2007 Juli performed at the German leg of Live Earth in Hamburg.

In April 2007, the song Stolen by Dashboard Confessional was rerecorded as a duet between lead singer Eva Briegel and Chris Carrabba and released on 27 July, 2007.

In September 2007, there will be a couple of new releases. On 21 September, the song "Ein neuer Tag" from the album of the same name will be released. One week later, on 28 September, a live DVD and a live album will be released, both with the name "Ein neuer Tag - live".

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